Thursday, 2 August 2012

Going for a Hatwalk

So last night I went on a Hatwalk....
To coincide with the Olympics, the statues of London have all been adorned with Hats!
I absolutly love this idea - a celebration of true English eccentricity!

More info can be found at:

Here are a few pictures of the ones I managed to find.....

Stephen Jones on horseback and Lock & Co on Nelson's column
Stephen Jones on horseback

My favourite.... Gina Foster & Victoria Grant
Charlie Le Mindu

Gina Foster & Victoria Grant

Philip Treacy

Apologies for the dark photo... Pip Hackett

Pip Hackett

Winner of Grazia's Hatfactor competition.... Sophie Beale

William Chambers

I am looking at sculptures nearby with a different eye now..... See if I can find some to dress up!xx